Achieve a realistic effect in a nativity scene: scales and proportions

One of the factors that most contribute to achieving the realistic effect that we seek to achieve in a nativity scene is, of course, the scales and proportions. That is, to achieve a perfect harmony between the size of the figures and the constructions so that they do not clash with each other.

To achieve the correct scale we will have to adapt the constructions and other elements to the size of the figures. And in the case of larger nativity scenes with different sizes of figures, the ones in the foreground are larger and the ones that are further away are smaller, also take this into account when planning the constructions.

Let's give as an example that we want to build a window in a building that is in the foreground of our nativity scene, and that the figures in the foreground measure 14 cm.

If we consider that the real height of the window would be 100 cm., And our figures have a size of 14 cm., We would have to make a rule of three to determine the height that the window would have to be in proportion. For this we assume that the real height of the figures would be 170 cm. and therefore the rule of three would look like this:

X = (100 x 14) / 170 = 8,23 ​​cm.

Therefore, the height of the window in our nativity scene would be between 8 and 8,5 cm.

If it is a figure placed on the back of the crib whose size is 7 cm., The rule of three would look like this:

X = (100 x 7) / 170 = 4,11 cm.

That is, in this case our window should measure approximately 4 cm. Following these simple instructions it is very easy to achieve a realistic effect on your crib thanks to the scales and proportions.

In addition, to carry out the calculations we can involve the children, since it is a great opportunity to teach them a practical application of mathematics and a fun and motivating occasion for them to practice them. 




It would be enough to repeat this same operation to, for example, calculate the size of a door, a column, a balcony or any other element. 


En we have a large number of doors, windows, balconies, bars and lattices of different styles and materials. We also have different sizes so you can achieve that realistic effect that will make your crib perfect.





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