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Continuing our review for some of the most important historical cribs in Spain, which we started in last week's post, today we will talk about other milestones of the history of the nativity scene in our country, as the figure of Francisco Salzillo or the contribution of the Roldana de Sevilla. You accompany us to this travels through history?

The most valuable historic nativity scenes in Spain

In the previous post we saw 4 of the most important historic nativity scenes in Spain, and that we understand should be highlighted by their cultural, artistic, symbolic or historical value. They are not, obviously, the only ones that deserve a mention in this blog. Let's see other 4 historical nativity scenes from Spain that, without a doubt, will surprise you if you still do not concede them.

# 5.- Belén de Salzillo

Possibly one of the most important milestones of Spanish belenismo, next to the arrival of Bethlehem of the Prince. The sculptor Francisco Salzillo received an order from a wealthy businessman from Murcia at 1776, after a business trip to Madrid where he could enjoy the art of the capital.

The result of this commission was the recreation of the arrival to the world of Christ, in a pastoral environment of great popular character, and with notable influence of the Murcian tradition: elements of the garden and popular costumes. Fortunately, el Salzillo Museum of Murcia houses almost all of the important work. Have you been able to enjoy it live?

nacimientosalzillo Museum

Detail of the Birth of Salzillo. Image: Salzillo Museum

# 6.- Belén de La Roldana

Luisa Roldán, a native of Seville, was a important seventeenth-century artist who came to be proclaimed sculptor of the King under the monarchy of Carlos II and Felipe V. La Roldana, as it is known, in addition to life-size figures for processions, also made minor polychrome works in clay or wood, as well as small groups commissioned by convents and individuals.

However, his contribution to the belenismo came in the form of numerous Terracotta nativity scenes, Baroque style and great Italian influence, which formed the scene of the Nativity. An illustration of one of these nativity scenes from La Roldana starred in the poster of the Cabalgata de Sevilla in 2016, and his figures are in the School of Christ.

Sevilla16 Cavalcade Poster

Poster of the Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos of Seville, 2016

# 7.- Bethlehem of the Monastery of the Incarnation

Located on the altar of San Felipe of the church of the Real Monasterio de la Encarnación, in Madrid, its historical peculiarity lies in the special eclecticism and mixture of its figures. The main scene shows a mystery of the seventeenth century, with the traditional Spanish Virgin, a Filipino-style ivory San José and a baby Jesus in carved polychrome wood.

In the background to the left, the group of the Magi appears with figures of clay from the 19th century, from the School of Olot; to the right, two pastors of the artist José Luis Mayo, of the twentieth century. All this combined with vegetal elements and complements of ceramics and bronze of diverse Spanish factories from century XVIII.

# 7.- Belén de las Carboneras

The Monastery of the Hieronymite nuns of Corpus Christi, in Madrid, better known as the Monastery of the Carboneras, keeps an interesting manger inside. Every year you can visit this belén Quito, 17th century and Baroque style, previous even to the Neapolitan fashion established by Carlos III in Spain. Without many historical references of the origin of this nativity scene, it is very probable that some novice contributed it to the convent as a dowry.

As a curiosity, they stand out two ordinary figures in the nativity scenes of the time and who disappeared of the tradition over the years: the "Knight of the Star", rider who carries the star of the Magi; and the Herald, announcing with a trumpet the arrival of the Messiah. Although the Monastery is cloistered, its nativity scene can be admired every Christmas.

carboneras blogia

Knight of the Star and Herald of the Bethlehem of the Carboneras, one of the most important historical nativity scenes in Spain. Image: http://sdelbiombo.blogia.com

Did you know the historical peculiarities of all these nativity scenes? Have you seen any that should be in this list of the most important historic nativity scenes in Spain?


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