When mount the portal of Bethlehem, there are many nativity scenes that every year wonder the most effective control the lighting of your crib. The small details are what enhance a montage and, after weeks or months of intense work, we like our nativity scene to look as real as possible. The FMAS Z200 team may be the solution.

For several years, the company FMAS Automation leads the market for controllers and automatisms for the nativity scene with high-power equipment such as the M400, the M450 or its top of the range, the L800. However, today we are going to discover the Z200, the smallest LED lighting controller on the market which, however, offers great efficiency and easy handling. Will you accompany us to know the FMAS Z200 controller?


The FMAS Z200 series, when you are looking for something simple but effective

Designed and manufactured in Spain by the Montillana company FMAS Automatización, the Z200 is the controller LED simplest on the market. It is specially designed for simple installations in which only basic day and night control is required. Although in principle it is capable of controlling small dioramas or nativity scenes of about 2 square meters, it can control much larger assemblies with the use of amplifiers.

The FMAS Z200 controller has HDLR technology, proprietary to FMAS Automation. This technique, contrary to what can happen with DMX systems or other control mechanisms LED control, provides a very smooth regulation that eliminates jumps or steps at power-up and lighting changes.


Unboxing FMAS Z200

Shall we open the box of the Z200? You will find a small device that will give greater realism to your nativity scene thanks to the programming of the day / night cycle. The package includes the lighting control itself; a quick installation guide and the power supply.

Although we see that the equipment offers 3 outputs at 12V DC, through the use of amplifiers you can connect loads of up to 24V dc The 3 outputs included as standard are for night, day (general lighting, in both cases) and an auxiliary one for house lighting, projectors, light cannons, etc.

Attentive! These are some of the essential characteristics of the FMAS Z200 equipment:

  • Ready to go! The Z200 has Jack connections compatible with the patch cords and Jack 5.5 × 2.1 extension cords. You just have to plug it in ... and voila!
  • Controlled timing. The times of day and night are independent; you can program them from 1 second to 30 minutes.
  • Ignition speed control. You can program the on and off speed in each cycle (from night to day and from day to night) independently.
  • Brightness regulation. With the Z200 you can set a maximum brightness level; for example, to avoid a too intense blue in the night exit.
  • Progressive automatic ignition. The Z200 turns on automatically and progressively when connecting to power. It has a pause function, which stops the lighting at a certain point and resumes it when the user wishes.

If you only want to control the day / night cycle change of your nativity scene ... why install complex equipment or spend a significant sum of money on heavy duty drivers? Try the FMAS Z200!


FMAS, avant-garde technology to illuminate your Nativity scene

The Z200 equipment is framed within the latest models of LED lighting control from FMAS Automatización, provider of controllers.net. This manufacturer, with a clear objective of applying engineering to nativity scenes, has in the L800 equipment its top model in nativity scene lighting control. In addition to controllers, its catalog includes Smoke machines, LED lamps, water pumps, projectors, etc.

All this available in our online store. What are you waiting for give more realism to your nativity scene?

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