Holy Week 2019, new exhibition at the Mollina Museum

Year and a half after the opening of the Permanent Exhibition of Nativity Scenes, in the Mollina Museum of the Díaz Caballero Foundation, its Board of Trustees makes it clear that this project was born with a firm intention of permanence and dynamism. Therefore, just as I did last year, since last Friday and until the 31 in May you will be able to enjoy a exhibition of Holy Week dioramas. Do you want to know a little more about this impressive exhibition of cofrade art?

Detail of the Exhibition. Image: Díaz Caballero Foundation

Holy Week 2019 in the Nativity Scene Museum

Antonio Díaz, the main supporter of this international center, has already made it clear on several occasions that not only belenismo has a place in this top-notch museum space. Not surprisingly, this new edition of the Holy Week show is the biggest exhibition ever made with stick figures, with a size between 30 and 50 centimeters.

These exclusive figures, created expressly by Nativity sculptors who already have numerous pieces in the Museum permanently, such as Angela Tripi, Heide Hörner, José Luis Mayo, Montserrat Ribes, José Ángel García, Francisco Javier Guillotoo Josep Traité, are framed in 12 scenes about the Passion of Christ, from its entrance to Jerusalem until the Resurrection, passing through the Last Supper and the Crucifixion. The scenographies, as it could not be otherwise, have also had the participation of some of the best set designers from the north of Italy and from different parts of Spain.

Detail of the Exhibition. Image: Díaz Caballero Foundation

Last Saturday 6 in April, Antonio Díaz, promoter of the Díaz Caballero Foundation; Antonio Montiel, portraitist; Antonio Bernal, Artistic Director of the Museum; and Eugenio Sevillano, mayor of Mollina, inaugurated the exhibition. "We encourage all lovers of art in general and the brotherly and scenographic art especially to visit this exhibition", I invited Antonio Bernal, director of the largest nativity museum in the world.

FMAS Automation: at the forefront of LED lighting

The lighting of the different spaces of the Mollina Nativity Scene Museum is an aspect that is very much appreciated by visitors throughout the year. With 6 Equipment of the L800 Series of FMAS Automation and more than 1.000 meters of LED strips illuminating the nativity scenes of the exhibition halls, the Museum has also wanted to rely on this technological firm, linked to Controladores.net, to illuminate and control the different scenes of Passion.

But FMAS not only stands out for lighting and sound control equipment. Your catalog also includes Smoke machines, LED lamps, water pumps, projectors of slides, etc. A catalog to keep in mind if you are fond of belenismo or dioramas of Passion; but also if you dedicate yourself to modeling or reproduction of models.

But if you want to check its spectacular effects live, we recommend you not to miss the 2019 Holy Week Exhibition at the International Nativity Museum of Mollina, until May 31, Wednesday through Friday from 10.00 to 14.00 and from 16.00 to 19.30 hours; Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 10.00 to 14.30 and from 16.00 to 20.00 hours. The fee, if you only visit this temporary exhibition, is 3 euros and can be purchased at the museum ticket office, at website and by phone (951 197 362) or email (reservas@museodebelenes.com).

Detail of the Exhibition. Image: Díaz Caballero Foundation

Surely you will not be the one who stays without enjoying this shows about the Passion of Christ...


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