(Cover image: Belén de la Hermandad de la Sangre 2019, by Rafaael Herrero, in Córdoba)

Immersed in the middle of Christmas, many of you who are reading this post in the days following its publication will be on vacation. And, if you are lovers of belenismo and passionate about Christmas traditions, you will ask what to do during Christmas 2019 or, at least, what's left of it.

Today we bring you a compilation of some previous articles of our blog in which we proposed family plans: best belenista routes in Spain, the oldest mangers, a walk through the most important Christmas marketss ... Do we review these posts so that you have them collected and can make your own Christmas plans?

Christmas market image, traditional family plan


Compilation: belenista proposals for Christmas 2019

Remember that, being this article a compilation of our best Christmas plans Since we created the blog, some of its contents may not be available and some nativity scene or market is not assembled this year. We recommend you contact your organizer to verify that it is still an essential visit.

  1. The 10 most beautiful nativity scenes in Spain: At the beginning of our blog Controllers.net, back in May 2016, we did 2 posts With this suggestive title. A total of 20 nativity scenes around the Spanish geography. Will you be able to visit them all?
  2. Nativity Museum of the Díaz Caballero Foundation: one of the most important belenist museums in the world, despite his short life. In this post we talk about its tuning, even before being a reality. Essential visit at any time of the year!

    The Mollina Nativity Museum holds numerous events throughout the year. Christmas is the perfect time to discover it. Photo: Díaz Caballero Foundation

  3. Belenista routes: there are several editions that we have dedicated to the valorization of itineraries, more or less organized, that have the nativity scene as a common denominator. First we saw the 7 most visited nativity scenes in Spain; later we proposed 6 essential belenist routes in the north and, shortly after, we did the south tour. The last one, a few weeks ago, was to bring you some less known routes.
  4. El Santxotena Museum, in Artziniega (Álava), he has been showing his particular for years Exhibition of Cribs of the World, with more than 2.000 nativity scenes from all continents. You can enjoy its international atmosphere during the weekends until January 31.
  5. History has room, and much, in our blog. That is why we wanted to highlight some nativity scenes that, beyond their artistic or popular interest, have a historical importance. There were 2 posts published in May 2017, you can read them again in this link and in this other. Shortly after we made a special stop at the oldest nativity scene in Spain. You know which one is?
  6. In addition to nativity scenes, which we have published many, we have also stopped in several Spanish cities that offer different Christmas traditions, almost all related to belenismo. Discover here 10 Christmas markets to visit as a family. And here others 10 proposals for lovers of belenismo.


As always, from this blog we try to give as wide as possible to belenismo and those related family traditions that make Christmas a special time of the year. Today we have only compiled some of the proposals that we have been making for almost 4 years.

Can you tell us which of these belenista plans you discovered thanks to Controladores.net?


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