One more year, the Amura Hotel in the Madrid town of Alcobendas hosts the first weekend of November National Fair of Belenismo, which this year celebrates its fourth edition, consolidating itself as one of the most important belenista events in the country. If you do not want to miss the latest news that artisans, merchants, publishers and other companies in the sector have prepared for this Christmas, we invite you to spend the 3, 4 and 5 days in November for this fair organized by Grupo Artes Belenistas. You dare?

Official poster

Poster of the IV National Fair of Belenismo


2017, the fourth edition of the National Fair of Belenismo

The 4 event, which took place from the hands of the Belenista Arts Group, formed by a large selection of local figurists and sculptors, comes to 2017 with the same philosophy as its beginnings, although with a remarkable experience that can be seen every year in the exhibition halls. Amura Hotel. The tireless work of Miguel Ángel Tejero Llamas, member of the Group and main architect of this Fair, has managed to consolidate the event in the nationalist calendar.

El poster of the IV National Fair of Belenismo It is difficult to overcome: from Friday 4 in November to 16 hours until noon on Sunday 6, more than 500 square meters will house 42 stands that will present the work of potters, potters, sculptors and merchants not only from all over Spain, but also from countries like England, Portugal or Italy. Tula Creations, Mayo Art Workshop, Lola Simón, Mibako Miniatures, Daniel Alcántara or FMAS Automation, with its new L800 equipment, will be some of the references in the Fair.

Poster Fair in Fair

Poster for the exhibition «From square to square»

As a complementary activity of the National Fair of Bethlehemism, the Peña Martín Traditional Birth Collection organizes in the Sala Marítimo of the Hotel Amura «From Plaza to Plaza. The Nativity Scene Fairs in Spain ”, an exhibition that covers the Nativity Scene fairs and markets that were held in Spanish cities during the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries.


L800 of FMAS Automation: the latest in programming for nativity scenes

As every year, one of the most popular attractions of the National Belenic Fair will be the technological stand of FMAS Automation, supplier of y manufacturer of electronic devices for the nativity scene. This Cordoba company has a wide catalog of products such as Smoke machines, projectors, water pumps, LED lamps, etc. Although, undoubtedly, the specialty of FMAS are the lighting, sound and video programming and control equipment for nativity scenes.


L800 team of FMAS Automation, recently commercialized

FMAS Automation will attend this Fair with the new L800 model as the main novelty in the market. As it happened in the previous edition with the series M400, the manufacturer will have a spectacular staging to demonstrate the effectiveness and spectacularity of the L800, the most versatile and powerful equipment yet on the market. As already we advance in this blog, this new controller It allows to control up to 500 outputs of high resolution LED regulation, in a totally progressive and without jumps.

With powerful software for computer programming, remote control and HDMI output, the incredible features of the L800 have enabled it to become the main provider of the imminent Permanent Nativity Exhibition of the Díaz Caballero Foundation, in Mollina (Málaga), that next December will have its official inauguration.


Undoubtedly, the fourth edition of the National Fair of Belenismo it will be the starting point of many meetings, fairs and markets that will give rise to a Christmas much awaited by the whole Nativity family of Spain, a country with a rich tradition in this hobby. From we will be reporting everything that happens in the IV Fair.

And you, will you be there with us?


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    We will be there from the FMAS - Controllers stand. We wait for you all!

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