The next weekend of the 4 to the 6 of November will take place a new edition the National Fair of Belenismo which is celebrated in the town of Alcobendas, Madrid. After the first two editions of a meeting of high quality and participative success, the Hotel Amura welcomes in its halls one of the events that aspire to become the great referent of the art of the nativity scene At national and international level.


Poster of the III National Fair of Belenismo


The organization of the 2016 National Belenism Fair

An event of these characteristics is the result of a careful organization and the tireless work of the Belenista Arts Group, emerged from the first two editions of the Fair and formed by a cast of local figurists and sculptors. Among its ranks, the tireless work of Miguel Ángel Tejero Llamas, one of its most participative members, and the main culprit that this Fair has been a success in previous years.



What to see in the National Fair of Belenismo de Alcobendas

The National Fair of Belenismo will open its doors on Friday 4 of November at 16 hours. A total of 557 square meters will give shelter to 40 stands and exhibiting tables that will serve potters, potters, sculptors and merchants to publicize their products. An exhibition of art and hobby to the delight of lovers of this tradition with more than 5 centuries of history in Spain.

For a symbolic price of 2 euros, visitors will be able to see the work of artisans such as Hermanos Cerrada, Tula, Lola Simón, Mibako Miniatures or Daniel Alcántara, as well as other international artists from Italy and Portugal, who give an idea of ​​the potential reached by the Fair in its first editions.


List of stands of the Fair

On Friday the exhibition "Curiosity Art 2016", a compendium of artistic curiosities of several of the artists with stand at the Fair, that will show us the work of these artisans beyond the nativity scene. This exhibition will remain open, during Fair hours, until Sunday at 12 hours, and visitors will be able to purchase the works in which they are interested.

On Saturday 5, the big day of the Fair, the prestigious sculptor Daniel Alcántara will live the modeling of a piece of clay yet to be discovered. In parallel, and throughout the day, the nativity scene Angel Peña presents and signs his first book, "Christmas in Spain in the nineteenth century," which can be acquired right there. And, like other years, Cristóbal Jiménez will animate the event with his radio program "Camino de Belén", which will be broadcast throughout the day with interviews, raffles and lots of live entertainment.

The 2016 National Belenism Fair will close on November 6 Sunday, with the closing of the handicraft market, the exhibition "Curiosity Art 2016" and the drawing of the pieces that make up the poster of the edition, made by the workshop of the Cerrada Brothers. Without a doubt, an event that you can not miss if the nativity scene is your passion.


Detail of collection of Brothers Closed, of 11 cm.


Technological solutions for the nativity scene at the Alcobendas Fair

One of the great attractions of the 2016 National Belenism Fair, due to the singularity of its content, will be the technological stand of FMAS Automation, supplier of As it has been happening for more than 10 years in all the events that this engineering company applies to the nativity scene, attendees will discover a wide range of electronic solutions for their birth, from Smoke machines until controllers for the lighting cycle change, passing through LED lamps, projectors, water pumps, etc.

As it did in the past National Congress of Belenistas, FMAS will explain why it has descatalogado its old series of controllers for incandescent lamps and will expose its latest novelty, the nuevas series M400 and L800 to control LED lighting and the sound of the nativity scene.


New LED controller of the series M400, FMAS Automation

These series correspond to the first high-resolution LED lighting control equipment on the market. They have been equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and allow, in addition to lighting, control sound and video. They have unlimited power and a wide range of customizable configurations, which will give the nativity scenes a surprising realism.


And you, do you already have the day reserved to attend the National Fair of Belenismo de Alcobendas? Many surprises await you, and surely you do not regret having visited her. Do you tell us your opinion? ¿Which booth did you think best mounted? Which product has surprised you the most? Do not forget to take a picture and send it to us Good weekend!


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