Christmas is approaching and, with it, millions of homes are preparing to receive it by unsealing the boxes they keep one of the greatest illusions of these dates: the portal of nativity scene. A tradition with centuries of antiquity that in Spain has become an almost obligatory appointment with the cork, the sand, the scenarios and the figures that make up the representation that each family makes of the birth of the son of God.

Following the logical evolution of the times in which we live, the nativity scene has also undergone its own technological revolution, and the company FMAS Automation gives a good example of this with its electronic equipment designed exclusively to help us improve our nativity scene every year. This year it was the turn of the new lighting and sound controllers of the M400 and L800 series. We present you the new FMAS equipment: power and precision for your nativity scene.


FMAS Automation: cutting-edge technology for the nativity scene

The technological FMAS Automation, provider of, opened its doors almost 15 years ago with a clear idea: apply engineering to the nativity scene, facilitating various tasks of control of light and sound that the nativity scene, until then, they had to develop manually and with improvised solutions. The result, get leading teams in technology applied to belenismo.


Assembly table detail in the central facilities of FMAS

Those who immerse themselves in the FMAS catalog will discover a wide range ofelectronic solutions that may be applied at birth, whatever its size and style, from Smoke machines up lighting cycle control equipment, passing through LED lamps, water pumps, projectors, etc.

Now, with the new regulation that advocates the disappearance of the old incandescent lamps, FMAS Automation goes one step further in favor of LED lights, who has been working for several years, and in the past National Congress of Belenistas of Seville presented its latest news, series LUMNUMX and M400 sound control and LED lighting. Do you want to know them?


Public attending the National Congress of Belenistas of Seville 2016 in the presentation of the new FMAS teams


New series M400 FMAS Automation: small, compact and precise

The new series M400 supposes the first controller for nativity scenes based on high resolution LED lamps. Thanks to the combination of RGB LED strips and high brightness white, your nativity scene can get more than 16 millions of different shades of color. Also, if in the future you decide to make a bigger nativity scene, with this new series you will be able to expand its power by means of high resolution amplifiers.

Although the M400 model is the most basic of the series, it has a great possibility of configurations. The ignition and shutdown of each phase, its melting and transition to the next, its duration, its exact tone ... Nothing will be left to chance with this new series of M400 of FMAS, which in addition to the basic model, has the versions M400C, M400S and M400B, which will further increase the possibilities of control over the light and sound of your assembly.


New FMAS M400 equipment for LED lighting control

The new equipment has two 12V auxiliary channels that you can use in lighting homes, slide projectors or to perform shadow movements. And to control moving figures, smoke machines, flashes, etc., the device has an output on / off programmable maximum precision.

This the M400 series is already for sale at, and we are sure that its effects on the nativity scene will surprise all your friends and visitors. All controlled from a small and simple LCD screen that, however, will give the most power and precision to the lighting of your birth.
L800 series: maximum control over your nativity scene

Although it has not yet gone on sale, the expectations that the belenista sector has placed in the new L800 series of FMAS are very high. However, those who have been able to attend the first tests of the teams are very clear that the new top of the range of FMAS will be one of the world-wide referents in lighting and sound control of nativity scenes

The L800 series replaces the old equipment of the WS series. If you have the possibility and luck to get one of these equipment when they go on the market, you will discover benefits never seen in this type of control equipment: from its impressive touch screen in full color until its connectivity bluetooth and WiFi, passing through its HDMI video output, sound output, HDLR port for high definition LED regulation and compatibility with DMX systems.


Prototype of the L800 team of FMAS, exhibited at the last Nativity fairs

However, we still have to wait a few weeks for the sale of this new equipment that will allow the greater control over the lighting of your nativity scene.


In the next post of the blog we will enter the bowels of each of these series, discovering the technical characteristics of each of the teams, their different versions and the use that you can get them in your portal of nativity. Because, also in the most ingrained traditions, the latest technologies make your life much simpler ...


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  1. candid 14/01/2017 at 11:59 - Reply

    I wanted to have information about the l800 driver

    • Controllers 17/01/2017 at 08:05 - Reply

      Hello, Candido. The new L800 equipment is still in its final assembly phase. You will have all the information about it shortly. We anticipate that it will be the most powerful you have ever seen, and its possibilities are (almost) infinite ...

      Greetings, we write you a message when we have something more about the L800.

  2. Enrique echeverria 20/12/2016 at 13:24 - Reply

    Hi, I'm Kike from Navarra, please keep me informed when the new L 800 equipment is available, I'm very interested in improving our possibilities in nativity scenes, including other applications.
    Thank you

    • Controllers 20/12/2016 at 18:08 - Reply

      Good afternoon, Kike.
      The new teams will be ready after this year's campaign. In a few weeks we will notify you so that you can prepare next year's nativity scene with all the benefits of these new equipment. They will surprise you, we have no doubt about that ... Thank you for following us!

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