Once the summer passes, a large part of the Nativity scene family in Spain, a country with a long tradition in the assembly of the manger, begins to prepare its new cribs. But the tradition is not at odds with the advances of science and, in this case, technology puts in the hand of belenismo a great help to make our births more beautiful. Let's see the new L800 controllers from FMAS Automation, the Spanish manufacturer of technological products specialized in the belenista sector.

Do you come to discover the new L800 series, the lighting, sound and video controller for the most powerful and accurate nativity scene on the market?


New L800 series: maximum control over your nativity scene

Since in the past National Congress of Belenistas of Seville, Together with M400 team, FMAS Automation will present the prototype of the new L800 series, the expectations of the public about this new lighting, sound and video controller for the nativity scene They have been increasing. However, it is estimated that the new top of the range of the Spanish manufacturer will quickly become one of the technological references worldwide for the belenista sector, and important projects such as Mollina Museum, which is imminent opening, already have all their benefits.


Front image of the new FMAS L800 controllers

This new series of L800 controllers replaces the old devices of the WS series, are the superior range of the latest FMAS equipment (above the M400) and will allow the greater control so far on lighting, sound and video of your nativity scene.


High-end features in the L800 system

The new L800 controllers from FMAS Automation They are the fruit of several years of development and of the commitment in R + D + i of this company based in Montilla (Córdoba). The equipment has been equipped with a state-of-the-art processor that, by means of amplifiers, It allows to control up to 500 outputs of high resolution LED regulation, in a totally progressive and without jumps. The highest precision in LED control equipment!

The L800 includes a powerful software to program the cycles by computer, although later it works autonomously. The development of this technology supposes the maximum control on the part of the user until reaching a realism never seen until now and a total control of image, light and sound. It has high resolution outputs, audio, relay, DMX and HDMI, 2 USB ports, 8 programmable inputs and 4 timers.

In addition, the team presents itself with a 4,3 full-color touch screen ", that allows to control in a simple and fast way the operation of the programs. Regarding video control, with a video projector connected to the HDMI output You can project moving images in the background of the nativity scene, thus avoiding painting the clouds, installing optical fiber to simulate the stars or project slides. Enjoy Scheduled cycles of up to 7 actual days of duration!


FMAS Automation: cutting-edge technology at the Mollina Museum

The technological FMAS Automation, provider of controladores.netwith its clear goal of applying engineering to the nativity scene, continues with the L800 his saga of light, sound and video controllers for our Births. His catalog covers everything from Smoke machines up lighting cycle control equipment, passing through LED lamps, water pumps,projectors, etc.


This team, the L800, is already one of the star elements of the Permanent Nativity Exhibition of the Díaz Caballero Foundation, in Mollina (Málaga), that next December will open its doors with more than 5.000 square meters, 60 artistic nativity scenes from around the world and thousands of figures of national and international artists. The L800 equipment from FMAS They will control not only the cribs installed in this museum, but also the lighting and the ambient sound of the building itself, demonstrating why they are the most powerful equipment on the market.


The new FMAS L800 controllers will automate the Mollina Nativity Scene Museum

With only a week of life in the market, some nativity scenes from all over Spain and even remote locations with the American Minessota already enjoy all their benefits. Would you like your nativity scene or your nativity scene association to be the next one to look This teams?


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