Riding the nativity scene is always a pleasant activity that every year brings together in the living room of thousands of Spanish houses - for focusing on a nearby geographical location - different generations that take one of the most extended traditions of Christmas. Some of the most meticulous nativity scenes spend months pampering the assembly of their manger.

Constructions, reliefs, backgrounds, automatic effects and, of course, figures, are the elements that are usually added or replaced so that our nativity scene is different every Christmas and has a point of surprise to the guests at our house. Today we present you "Great Realism", the new collection of accessories composed of a series of miniatures to give the highest level of detail to your constructions, tools and accessories.


New collection "Great Realism", the perfection for your nativity scene

The miniatures from the "Gran Realismo" collection come from one of the most prestigious workshops in the city of Córdoba, with a great tradition of Nativity. Cultivated by specialized hands and fruit of many hours of handicraft work, the miniatures that we present are made in different materials: terracotta, ceramics, wood, bronze or iron, giving a maximum level of detail to its reliefs.


Wall knocker with bronze bell

Some of the accessories include real miniature jewelry, such as the metal bell of 2 diameter centimeters included in the wall knocker. A choice of natural materials with which your crib will have an extra realism to surprise the viewer.

These are some of the miniatures of the "Great Realism" collection, already available on the web of controladores.net and that you can comfortably arrange at home in less than 24 hours:

  • Tools: enjoy in your nativity scene a Aged wooden toolbox in mini size (only 6 cm long) is a real luxury. But if you include the necessary tools, such as the hammer or machota On a scale, the realism achieved is really incredible. Screens, clubs, Axes or saws can complete your small workshop.


Toolbox «Great Realism»

  • Mud vessel: one of the strengths of the collection is the line of tools and clay pots. A score of different products that represent pots, lebrillos, barreños, cubes, orzas, pitchers or jars. These vessels can be complemented with wooden tops, perfectly finished and painted by hand, or with a mesh and rope cover.


Set of vessels of the new collection

  • Domestic tools: from cleaning tools such as the broom and dustpan to scissors, buckets or stools. So that your nativity scene does not lack detail!
  • Small constructions: the wood has no secrets for the expert hands that polish the "Great Realism" collection. The bells and hangers are miniature jewelry. The level of detail of the wooden fences, of different shapes and sizes, it is worth admiring. And the cantareras they will give the perfect complement to your assemblies.
  • Accessories: kegs, bags, wine boots, espadrilles... The leather can also be worked in small format. Do you want to discover these wonders for your nativity scene?


Leather and rope espadrilles

Surprised of the realism of this collection? As you can see, sometimes you do not have to be very creative to name things. "Great Realism" is the title that defines perfectly this collection of miniatures for your nativity scene. Clay pots, wooden and metal tools or cloth or leather pouches are going to give your representations the level of detail you were expecting.


Do you want more? In controllers.net you will find everything for your nativity scene, from lighting and sound equipment to material to work in the assembly, including figures and accessories that you can buy online with prices without competition. Do we help you with your nativity scene?






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    I would like to be able to propose a complete Bethlehem for a small space with an orchard and miniatures
    I would like to know what is called pasta or dough to mold fruits and vegetables. Can you make a tomato for garden with that pasta that I still do not know what it's called?
    Thank you

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