Cardboard, porexpan, wood, clay, plaster ... Any material may be suitable to build the Bethlehem portal if you have imagination and you give yourself a little bit of time with DIY. Even if we search among the most curious nativity scenes of the network, we can find births of plasticine, chocolate or even sponge cake. Do you want to discover the different materials for the Belén Portal?


Mounting the crib with porexpan, wood and cork


The material of the nativity scene, a matter of taste

Belenismo is an art where there is nothing written and in which anyone can contribute their bit with a particular montage and own style. Obviously, it is not the same to make a popular nativity scene with traditional materials and simple techniques that artistic manger with sophisticated techniques and more complex materials.

As an example, these are the most frequent materials in the realization of a nativity portal In our country:

  1. Cork or porexpan: in recent times, the porexpán has become the material for the Bethlehem portal par excellence. The bases, the reliefs and the buildings of the manger are usually built with this material in its two versions: extruded and expanded.
  2. Plaster: next to the plaster, it is usually used for the reliefs of the nativity scene. In addition, the constructions realized in porexpán are covered with plaster to obtain greater consistency and to be able to paint them more easily.
  3. Wood: the wood is usually used as a support for the nativity scene and some of its elements, especially in large assemblies, but also in accessories of buildings. And some artisans make wood a perfect material to convert their nativity scene into pure art. Do you know any Master who uses wood for his figures?
  4. Pastas: clay or clay are materials normally used by nativity scenes with some experience for the realization of figures and constructions. Requires a set of modeling tools. An alternative that does not require an oven is the DAS pasta, that dries in the air.

    Controllers pasta

    DAS and FIMO pasta, for sale at

  5. Plasticine: another option to replace clay or clay can be the plasticine, especially if we are setting up a nativity portal with children. Which one of them is not passionate about clay?
  6. Goma eva: this material has become a of the most used in manual works for its versatility, and is especially suitable for young children. If you intend to use it to make your own nativity portal, you can use it in the figures or small details, although it is complicated for constructions or for the background, where you will have to use other materials.
  7. Fabric: ideal for celajes, and even for the clothes of the characters, if you have basic knowledge of clothing.


Other materials for the nativity portal

The previous materials for the Nativity portal give us the basis to mount our own birth, although other materials must be used for the completion of it. For example, it is normal to use sand, earth, stones or gravel to simulate fields, roads and mountains of our portal.

Musco is born the earth

Natural moss, whose collection is very restricted. Photo:

Regarding the moss, we already know that its obtaining in nature is very restricted, and that some species can not touch each other. But nevertheless, you can buy moss from controlled collection. And we can always look for alternatives, such as artificial grass or painted sawdust.


Electronic materials for the nativity portal

In addition to the materials with which to make the nativity scene, new technologies allow us to develop montages much more spectacular than traditional ones. If you want to have a nativity scene with lighting and sound effects, you will also need electronic materials. In a specialized store, like, they will be able to advise you on the needs of your birth.


FMAS Automation, one of the leading manufacturers of lighting controllers for the Nativity scene

You will need at least one controller to automate lighting cycles, cables and connectors, power supplies, light bulbs y lED strips. From there, your imagination and the illusion of setting up a technological nativity scene that will surprise your friends can take you to include in your representation from Smoke machines to simulate bonfires to motors for moving figures or slide projectors.


And you, What materials do you use to mount the nativity scene?


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