Belenismo is much more than an art or a tradition that every Christmas crowds around the portal to amateurs and professionals. It is a way of life that many end up "stealing" the free time you may have throughout the year. If you are one of those who have just joined this world and are already thinking about setting up your nativity scene for next Christmas, Take note of the essential tools that you will have to acquire to make your own assembly.

Tool case

Briefcase of indispensable tools to mount the nativity scene. Source: Pinterest

13 indispensable tools to make your own nativity scene

  1. Porexpan cutter: What novel belenista has not wanted a cutter for the plates of porexpán? There are manuals or electrical, table, etc. We recommend one that includes, in addition, several cutting threads, tip for carving and soldering iron. A complete multitool essential to mount the nativity scene.


    The automatic FMAS controller for the porexpan cutter can be very useful

  2. Keyhole saw: Because not everything is porexpán and cork, you may need to cut some wooden board or board.
  3. spatulas: essential tool for any modeling work, it is convenient to have several sizes.
  4. Chopsticks for modeling: if yours is the sculpture and you dare with it for the nativity, a set of chopsticks and modeling tools will be of great help to shape the figures and clay or plasticine scenarios. You will find them in plastic or wood.
  5. Screwdrivers: they will be useful in many situations. The best is purchase a complete set of precision screwdrivers with different tips. They will serve to screw constructions to the base, hold the clouds or adjust splice tokens.
  6. Pelahilos: If the lighting of your nativity scene is important to you, be clear that you will need a precise pelahilos to strip and cut the cables of the electrical installation. Get a professional pelahilos that has different cutting settings.

    Wire strippers

    Pelahilos professional for sale at

  7. Sandpaper and files: always useful in any modeling task.
  8. Brushes: although the figures leave them for sculptors and professional nativity scenes, are you not going to dare at least with some construction for your nativity scene? You will need to paint it, do not hesitate ...
  9. Cutter: there are many types of blades, and not all are worth the same. Check that you have cutter for wood, plastic, cork or fabric, and with different angles and forms of cut to work in your manger with freedom.
  10. Rule and squads: essential to trace the lines of your buildings. There are millions of models to choose from, and they sell complete sets, even with several scales.
  11. Sergeants or cats: a portable clamping tool that it will serve you to glue two pieces recently glued. Having several different sizes will be very useful when making your own nativity portal.
  12. Silicone gun and thermofilm, very useful to apply the mounting adhesives in a clean and uniform way
  13. Welder: the electronics of your nativity scene will require fine welding works, and for this you will have to look for a powerful and precise welder with a fine tip. You will also find them with interchangeable tips, for different jobs.

Screenshot 2017-02-07 19.22.53

In this picture of a montage some work tools are appreciated

You've seen how a simple toolbox with these elements can be enough to design and assemble your crib. With these essential tools 13 you can make the base of the Nativity scene, build buildings, model the figures, mount the clouds or even set up a lighting system for the nativity scene that will highlight its beauty much more.

What, you dare to start your own nativity scene?


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