In other "step by step" previous blog we have been discovering some tricks and DIY tips to know how to mount a removable sky for your nativity scene o install the stars with fiber optic strips. We will continue, facing the next Native season, with a simple but beautiful effect to ensure that the natural elements of your birth are much more realistic. We will use for example the grapes, one of the most used fruits in the cribs of Spain. So, let's get down to business: How to make dry grapes for the nativity scene?


What you need to make dry grapes for the nativity scene

If you want your bethlehem portal to take care of the last detail, you have to work with time to assemble it, from the structure to the smallest elements. Today we will see how to make dry grapes using the fruit of the vine itself. More natural and realistic impossible, true? First of all, make sure you have these materials before you start so you do not have to interrupt the DIY session.

  • Others very small grape clusters. Ideal to wait for the time when the fruits of the vine they begin to mature between June and July, they will have the perfect size and texture for our mission.
  • Small vessel or saucer of 1 or 2 centimeters deep.
  • White glue.
  • Rope as a clothesline, and small clothespins.
  • Vine leaves cutter.


Step by step: how to make dried grapes for the nativity scene

Step 1.- Collect the fruit

The first thing you should get is the fruit from which we will make our clusters for the nativity scene. The most appropriate thing is to wait for the fruition of the vine itself, because it will be the most natural thing that we can find. The vines turn their flowers into small green fruits at the end of June or the beginning of July. We will cut the whole cluster with two fingers, from the base of the branch. It goes without saying that you must have the permission of the owner of the vineyard to obtain your grapes, and that you should not start anything from nature even if it is in the wild.

Step 2.- Glue and dry the grapes

Once you have the necessary clusters, we will have to dry them artificially so they do not wilt and can serve us for several seasons. For this, we will mix water and white glue in a container, obtaining a solution in which we will submerge our grapefruits. Try to bend the end a bit to make it work as a hook when hanging the bunch on the vine. After, we will dry them using rope and small tongs, as if it were a clothesline. In 24 hours must be ready for handling.

Gluing dried grapes
Gluing of grapes to dry


Step 3.- Insert the vine into the nativity scene

While the grapes are drying, you can make the vine and include it at birth. Do not get too involved with this step. Any set of twigs of a tree or shrub can be used for the trellis if you give it the precise form. You only have to eliminate from the branch any leaf, fruit or flower until the stick is naked. You insert it in the nativity scene and ... ready!

For the leaves, the simplest is to use a die-cutter with the shape of the vine. Take a few green leaves of any kind (do not choose leaves too tender), pass them through the die-cutter and stick them on the vine.

Step 4.- Hang the dried grapes on the vine

Once the clusters that we have glued are dry, we will only have to place them on the vine. If they "hang" alone and remain fixed, perfect. In any case, with a drop of your usual adhesive will be enough to fill your vine with appetizing grapes.


Use plastic grapes for the nativity scene

If you do not want to complicate, or do not know where to get natural grapes to dry them and use the simple trick that we have explained, you can resort to the artificial complements for the nativity scene. In this link You can find, for a low cost, bags with grape clusters from the Gran Realismo collection, which includes other items such as cabbages, lettuce, apples or pears.

Vine of dried grapes
Final detail of the vine with grapes for the nativity scene


Have you seen how simple it is to have a small natural detail in your nativity scene? With a little imagination and simple materials, in a moment you can have your own grapes for the nativity scene. Although you can do similar things with dates, palm trees or small shrubs that will decorate your birth as an exact replica of nature. Do not leave everything for the last minute!




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