After months of assembly, construction of buildings, choice of landscape, installation of accessories and creation of elements as a realistic bonfire, a flirty ferris wheel over the river or a starry sky with fiber optics, there may be an element of the manger that does not convince you ... what is the ideal size of the nativity figures?

Let's look at some guidelines and tips for choosing the size of the figures depending on the surface of your crib or the accessories and accessories chosen. Although, as in many other aspects of the manger, we are clear about it: the important thing is the illusion ...



Criteria when choosing the size of the nativity figures

It is clear that a nativity scene will look better with a good application of the corresponding scale, both with regard to the decorative or landscaping elements of the crib and its constructions or accessories. And, of course, as regards the proportion and size of figures.

But ... what size is the ideal? From our point of view, we must consider several factors:

  • El number of scenes that you want to represent. If you are only going to install the Nativity, you can choose to larger figuresbecause it will be the only reason for your crib. If, on the other hand, you are going to represent different scenes and characters, you will have to opt for smaller figures, so that they all enter and it is not too crowded.
  • Our dimensions of the nativity scene; especially the bottom. Beyond a meter in depth, it is advisable to use figures of different sizes to create perspective. Here the important thing will be the height of the figures in the foreground; From there you go down in size as we move towards the bottom.
  • Our figures and accessories that we already have. Unless we want to start from scratch, we must see what different sizes we already have in our collection to complete it according to those.
  • El price. It may be the first thing you should consider, betting on great figures requires a significant investment, now and in future extensions.

In you will find figures and accessories of different sizes for your crib

Working scales and proportions in the figures of the nativity scene

From the above, and taking into account that the average height of a person can be between 170 and 175 centimeters, we will choose the size of the figures that will be in the foreground. Let's say we decide to work with a close-up of 12 centimeters and a second plane with figures of 7 or 9 cm. But ... what size to choose for the constructions or animals?

Knowing the real measurements of things, in our nativity scene we can make a simple rule of 3. For example, for the foreground, if for a person 170 cm. correspond to 12 cm .; a 65 cm sheep. It will have to be represented in a 4,5 cm piece of creche.

With the same formula, a 2-storey house should measure around 35 centimeters in our nativity scene; a shed, 15 cm .; a market stall, between 6 and 12; an olive tree, between 25 and 30; and so with the rest of the figures. As we move away from that foreground, we will reduce the size of the figures and we will apply the same scale to the plugins that are on the same plane.

Beyond scale or proportion, if you are one of those make your own constructions or accessories, you must be consistent with reality. It often happens that we place rivers or bridges that are too narrow, when the real ones must allow the crossing of at least two people or a carriage. Or that we put rails or parapets very low, which would not prevent a person from falling. Or that we miscalculate the size of small figures in reality as fruit, eggs, rodents, small plants ... accompanying 12-centimeter human figures should not exceed 0,5 cm.

Detail of figures and accessories from the Nativity Scene of San Juan de Dios in Córdoba (2016), with a great job in terms of scale

It seems like a trivial matter, but if you want me to your nativity scene stands out for its artistic quality, the proportion is a characteristic that you should work well. In any case, we know that common sense will do much of this work ...

And you, are you very scrupulous with size of the nativity figures?


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  1. Miracles 11/01/2022 at 20:37 - Reply

    They have given me a 30 cm mystery figure, and also the kings AND the angel to put it in the living room furniture, in the hole where we used to put the TV,
    They advise me to put a sky or a manger or put it directly on the furniture

  2. Angela 10/01/2022 at 19:19 - Reply

    What would be the size of the houses

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