In other blog articles we have seen the importance of good planning when setting up the nativity scene. Knowing in advance the size of the stage, the number of figures to place or the place where we will place the lights, the smoke machine or the water pump is essential so that there are no unexpected incidents. But ... what about the clouds? One of the most important aspects of the scenery of the nativity scene is the sky, where we will reflect the different lighting cycles and the effects that will surprise our guests.

Would you like to learn to mount a detachable screen in a simple way and without a large outlay? Take note and join us for this DIY session!


What you need to mount a cloudscape following the steps of

Mounting a detachable cloudscape is not complicated, but before putting yourself with it you must have at hand the following tools:

  • Sewing machine (doing it by hand can be too tedious ...)
  • Scissors
  • Sierra de calar
  • Pressure stapler
  • Compass

For the preparation and placement of the clouds for your nativity scene You need the following material:

  • Light blue fabric, that has some elasticity.
  • Velcro strip, according to the size of your nativity scene. You can buy a roll, it will be useful for other crafts!
  • White thread for the sewing machine.
  • Adhesive for wood
  • Staples


Step by step: assemble a detachable cloudscape

Step 1.- Velcro installation: Firstly, once the velcro strip of the same length as the structure of your nativity scene has been cut, we will sew it on the upper part of the fabric that will serve as a screen. We will repeat later with the lower part of the fabric, taking great care that it does not wrinkle. It is important not to stretch the fabric while sewing the Velcro.


Step 2.- Once sewn in velcro, we need to prepare the corners of the wooden structure. The corners of the clouds must be rounded to be perfect. For this we will cut 4 wooden squares of 45 × 45 cm, with an inner circumference of 45 cm radius, as shown in the video.

Step 3. - The superior squares are the first that we must stick to the structure. A good quick assembly adhesive We will use it to fix the squares, which we will secure with a few staples.


Step 4.- Next, we will fix the velcro (the opposite side to which we have sewn the fabric, logically) to the slats of the nativity scene structure. Cutting the Velcro strip of the same length as the strips we will be even easier the future disassembly. To fix the velcro, we will staple each 5 cm.

Step 5.- We fixed the elastic fabric to the upper part of the structure, to which we had previously sewn the Velcro strips.

Step 6.- For the The clouds are tense and as perfect as possible, we will place a wooden slat to the lower part of the structure. To do this, once the fabric is fixed to the upper part, we will stretch to see what is the maximum point of tension of the fabric. At that point we will place the bar that will serve as the lower support of the clouds. Use an electric screwdriver to do it effortlessly.


Step 7.- Repeat steps 3 and 4 in the lower part of the structure, sticking the velcro on the wooden strip that we have screwed to it.

Step 8.- We set the fabric on the bottom. Now, we will try to Tighten as much as possible so that the clouds are without a single wrinkle, avoiding annoying shadows.


Possibly the clouds that we propose take you a few minutes more than the one usually installed in the cribs, stapled directly to the wooden structure. But nevertheless, this traditional practice caused numerous breaks in the fabric, loosening the clouds, causing shadows in the representation and, in the majority of occasions, rendering the canvas useless for the following years.

With this small DIY advice from you will have a perfect clouds to get the most out of the lighting effects of your nativity scene. The day and night cycles, the winter storm or the stars of the firmament they will look like never in your portal. Plus, it will only take a couple of minutes to disassemble the clouds so that you can reuse it from one year to the next. Surprised? Would you leave us a comment to tell us what other tricks you use in the nativity scene?





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  1. Artescrito 19/09/2016 at 10:01 - Reply

    Impressive work, and very interesting this way of putting the cloudscape. We will have to see it finished ...

  2. David 14/09/2016 at 20:43 - Reply

    Thank you for "enlightening" new ones like me.
    I still have a lot to learn.

    • Controllers 15/09/2016 at 09:29 - Reply

      Hello david. Together we will learn a lot from this hobby ... Thank you for following us.

  3. dubinson 13/09/2016 at 19:26 - Reply

    Excellent work, it would be nice to see the cloudscape with the lights, or the mounting of the lights for the sky.

    • Controllers 13/09/2016 at 21:43 - Reply

      Hi, dubinson. Thanks for your visit and for the comment. We have prepared a series of post about nativity scene lighting. In the coming months we will be uploading new tips for DIY and assembly.
      And in our social networks you can see the evolution of our sample nativity scenes. A greeting.

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