In a previous post we discovered you how to mount a removable sky for your nativity scene, made with elastic fabric and installed in a very short time with a little skill. Now that the Christmas season approaches and the nativity scenes begin to take shape, Would you like to know how to get the effect of the stars in that cloudscape?

Continue with us in this new DIY step-by-step session and Learn to install a starry sky with which to surprise everyone who visits your Nativity scene. We start?


What you need to have your starry sky with

Install your starry sky with fiber optics on an elastic fabric It is a simple task. Before you start, make sure you have the following elements:

  • 2 Porexpan panels (for a ceiling of about 60 × 60 cm; for a larger surface it will be necessary to glue more panels or get a larger one)
  • Adhesive or mounting adhesive
  • American tape
  • 110 LED illuminator threads flicker effect (you can buy it here)
  • Flanges and simple staples


Step by step: install a starry sky with fiber optics

Step 1.- Preparing the support

Take the 2 porexpán panels and glue them to get a square surface of 60 centimeters on the side. Although the glue should be sufficient, we recommend that you put American tape on both sides of the panels. In any case, this surface will not be seen at your birth.

Step 2.- The illuminator

To mount the stars in your detachable clouds, it is clear that you need an illuminator to make the lights appear in the sky when it gets dark. For this, we used an illuminator of 110 threads with LED lights, flickering effect. Place the appliance in a non-visible part of the crib, in the back, and attach it with bridles so that it does not move.


Illuminator hidden in the back of the nativity scene

Step 3.- Distribution of threads

To illuminate the entire surface of the sky, you must place the bundle of wires of the illuminator on the porexpan and distribute it over its surface, fixing it with staples to facilitate the next step.

Step 4.- Placement of stars

Next, we will start to puncture the fiber optic wires. Each thread will be a star in your detachable sky, so it distributes the fiber in a random way throughout the surface of the porexpan. You can do it with your fingers, although a punch or awl tip can help if you have a large sky. Why do not you try drawing the best-known constellations?


The fiber optic thread is easy to click on the porexpan

Step 5.- Fiber adjustment

Once the fiber threads are punctured, you will have to adjust them, so that the thread is as close as possible to the fabric (that is, from the surface of the porexpan), but without touching it. You can push each thread with your own fingers, so that it does not protrude from the porexpan plate, and even fix them with hot silicone.

Step 6.- Placement of the fabric

The last step before you start enjoying the starry sky in your nativity scene is the placement of your own fabric that makes of cloudscape. If you already had installed the detachable cloudscape in your nativity scene, you will only have to insert the porexpan panels behind the fabric and fix them to the structure. !! Congratulations!! You already have your starry sky with fiber optics!


Belén de Cangas, by F. Martínez, with the stars in the background


The starry sky with fiber optic flashing effect is one of the most impressive lighting effects you can have on your nativity portal, but not the only one. An image of the projected crescent moon over the clouds, the lightning of a storm o torches and bonfires distributed by the representation can make your birth one of the most beautiful and realistic of your city.

And yours you use fiber optics for the lighting effects of your portal of nativity Why do not you take a picture and tell us your experience?


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  1. Jordi 13/01/2017 at 17:44 - Reply

    Very good!

    Excellent article, I do not usually comment on blogs but today I do it since I have a blog tools for DIY!

    A hug and thanks for the blog

    • Controllers 17/01/2017 at 08:07 - Reply

      Thank you very much, Jordi, and welcome to the blog. Soon we will launch a post about DIY tools for the Nativity portal, so you will surely have a lot to say about it.
      A greeting.

  2. jhonny stolen 09/01/2017 at 06:50 - Reply

    Good evening, I wanted to know if in Colombia I can get your products. Thank you

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      Hello, Jhonny. Our products are distributed internationally via electronic commerce. In the main URL of this page,, you can buy any of our products.
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