We fully enter the Nativity scene by nature. From the beginning of December until after the 6 in January, many homes in Spain and the rest of the countries with tradition in the manger show off their best clothes in a prominent place in the house. And, of course, the Bethlehem portal is the protagonist of these dates. If you really want to surprise your guests, here we leave you 10 small tips to give more realism to your Bethlehem.

10 tricks and tips to give more realism to your Bethlehem

Giving a realistic aspect to your portal is not complicated if you dedicate attention and time to its assembly. Some of these tips do not involve an economic cost; others require a small investment, however, they serve from one year to another and will help you get the most realism for your Bethlehem:

  1. Scale, fundamental aspect of any miniature representation. It is important choose the size of figures, constructions and other elements of the Bethlehem portal according to the rest. Every effort can collapse if we include some Magi that are bigger than the camels themselves or some little shepherds clearly superior to others. An exception, which will also force us to use different sizes of figures, is that we want a manger in perspective and we need smaller figures for the background.
  2. Use quality figures: Obviously, every detail counts. And if we choose unique figures made by a professional sculptor they will be much more realistic. As this is an uneconomical option, many workshops sell their collections in series, as "Great Realism", at affordable prices.
  3. Resort to nature itself to simulate the desert sand, the grass of the meadows or the rocks of the mountains. We can find all these elements at scale in the field. The rocks can be small stones of different sizes; the trees, pieces of branches or bushes. Yes, learn well before you start any plant: species like the moss are protected in Spain.

    Detail of moss on stone, with multiple alternatives to achieve it artificially.

  4. Be true to the story: if you're looking for realism, file for it. Learn the type of constructions were made in the 1st century Palestine, what animals existed in their fieldsHow were your suits ... Do not make historical mistakes, especially if your Bethlehem is going to visit experts in the field.
  5. Schedule lighting cycles and day-after-night effects. With new technologies, programmed from the computer and controlled from multiple devices, you will create progressive and realistic cycles. In any case, you can start with teams like el  FMAS M400, a powerful and efficient control equipment for cribs that barely weighs 170 grams and that allows you different programming options.
  6. LED bulbs flame effect. In the market for some years, they are fundamental to give realism to the bonfires of the Bethlehem and to the torches of the facades. A economic and simple solution to simulate a fire.
  7. Artificial smoke: a smoke generator Programmable will complement your bonfires, but also give the differentiating touch with respect to other nativity scenes in chimneys and boiling pots. This smoke is harmless and will cause a sensation among the visitors.
  8. Use Video scenes to simulate the nativity scene. The old static cloudscape has given way to current works of art: skies with moving clouds, alternation of clear and cloudy days, nights with stars and constellations ... You only need a videoprojector or a slide projector like this.
  9. Create special effects A video projector and a sound player will allow you to recreate a stormy winter night with lightning included. Can program video, sound and lighting with a el L800 model of FMAS that also plays sound.
  10. The water, water. No, it is not an error: why simulate the liquid element, which can include real water? You have to make sure there are no leaks and you can recreate a river, a pond or a simple fountain. With a small pump You can also have water in motion and make your Bethlehem even more realistic. If this is not possible, you always have the option of artificial water...


10 singles tricks for a realistic nativity scene. Do you want to try it from your home?



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