Every year, millions of homes in Spain and Much of the western world run to their storage rooms to unpack the necessary elements to mount the Nativity portal. A family event in many cases that brings together parents and children around a tradition hundreds of years old and that in each house tries to improve the result of the previous year.

To help you achieve that goal, the Controladores.net blog opens a DIY section step by step with which you can get the most out of the products you'll find in our online store. Today we bring you a simple trick that, despite the fact that a couple of years ago we shared with our followers, is still valid: The flame effect with LED lights, which can be applied to achieve the highest realism in torches and bonfires.


What you need to get the flame effect with LED lights

First, you will have to get the following products to perform this simple operation:


Bonfire created from an LED lamp

Step by step: get a flame effect with LED lights

Step 1.- Connect the flame effect LED lamp to the connector. Remember to connect the red wire to the positive pole and the black wire to the negative pole. Reversing the polarity can make the lamp unusable. The screwdriver will serve to tighten the screws and fix the cables so they do not escape.

Step 2.- If you want to connect several LEDs to the same power supply, all you need is a Jack extension 2'1 x 5'5 mm. to connect 2, 4 and to 8 lamps. You can even connect one extender over another to get increase this capacity.

Remember that the consumption of these LED flame effect is 20mA (0,020A), derisory if we take into account that a power supply as chosen supports up to 1A. That means that we could connect up to 50 LED lamps to the same source, which gives us enormous possibilities to illuminate a whole birth with torches of this type.

Step 3.- In connection with the previous point, if we connect several lamps it is possible that, in addition, we need to extend the cable to reach to connect it to the power supply. This we can achieve with a Extension of 2 meters o 3 meters , taking to any point of our portal the light effect achieved with these LEDs.

As you will see, It was never so easy to get a flame effect with LED lights, since the diffuser that accompanies these lamps does the work by itself. Completing the lighting of our nativity scene will only mean connecting several of them through extenders with a simple operation.

The flame effect is a very used resource to illuminate the walls of the streets of your birth, because they perfectly simulate the light of torches or candles thanks to their random intermittence. Also, if you are a little handyman, it will not be difficult for you to get a bonfire from great realism with this product if you add the effect of a smoke machine [button icon = cart] Buy [/ button]

The LED lamps that are sold today are very economical, quick to install and reusable. You will only have to keep them in a suitable place when dismantling your crib, and you can use them again to get the flame effect. Only your imagination will know how far its effectiveness can go! Do you dare to give us some advice on the use of these lamps?


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  1. jesus 10/11/2016 at 18:42 - Reply

    Hello, to make a more realistic fire do you recommend mixing orange and red LEDs or is it enough to put an orange one? I say orange, because in the video it seems to be the most realistic color… thank you very much. A greeting.

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