Not only nativity scenes lives the nativity scene. And, to show, Rafael Herrero Barasona, a commercial of the pharmaceutical industry that in his spare time makes true works of art. Not in vain, the nativity scenes that this Cordoban lover of the traditions installs each year in the number 8 of María Malibrán (Córdoba), have enchanted the members of the jury of the Nativity Scene Contest of Cajasur. This year, in addition, returns to surprise us with a spectacular staging of his dioramas of Passion. Are you accompanying us to see them?


Diorama by Rafael Herrero 2016. Descent of Christ.


Belenismo y dioramas at Rafael Herrero

Many natives are unaware of this other hobby that is the realization of dioramas that show the life and death of Christ during the most crucial week of Christianity. Rafael has managed to combine both passions and is currently one of the most renowned nativity scenes in the province of Córdoba, receiving the inheritance that his parents instilled in him through the small Christmas nativity scenes.

From 2004, his first participation in the Concurso de Cajasur, until today, the quality and monumentality of his births has been constantly increasing, as can be deduced from his first positions in the 2011 and 2013 contests. The edition of this year returned it to aupar to the second step of the podium in the category of popular cribs (see video of the nativity scene). A simpe anecdote for Rafael, who does not seek in the reward prize any more than the enjoyment of his neighbors. In fact, he has never exhibited outside of Córdoba nor has he presented himself to any other contest.

Now With this new collection "Dioramas de Pasión", Rafael Herrero leaves us what is presumed to be the beginning of a great work that will leave us with our mouths open.


Dioramas de Pasión, a very ambitious work

The dioramas that Rafael Herrero designed this year are not a passing whim or a punctual skill test. The diorama carried out this year is part of a very ambitious project that consists of representing, through 16 scenes, the most important moments of the Passion of Christ, from the conversion of Lazarus and the baptism of Christ, to his resurrection.

Although the idea has been around Rafael's head for years, until last year he could not make his first diorama, which focused on the sacrament. The reason chosen for this year 2016 is the Descent, where once again the meticulousness and commitment of the author to represent historical scenes is verified, work achieved thanks to a deep documentation and many hours of work prior to assembly.


Detail of the diorama of the Holy Supper, reason for 2015


FMAS Automation, the best help for dioramas and nativity scenes

In representations such as births or dioramas, the staging can not fail. Rafael Herrero tells us how In its nativity scenes the scenery has a lot of weight: buildings, vegetation, figures, textures, painting ... and, above all, lighting. "Thanks to it, you can imitate not only real effects, but you can achieve different environments by giving the scenes more or less heat, drama, harmony ... until you get to influence the feelings of the viewer who is present in the diorama".

In the technical contributions of any model or modeling, a reliable supplier must not be absent. Rafael Herrero tells us as an anecdote an occasion in which, after many difficulties to get a three-story fountain in one of his cribs and regulate the exact flow of water, on the day of the jury's visit the pump did not work and the nativity scene was shown the source turned off. "The bomb was not from FMAS, by the way, "laughs our artist jokingly.

A proof that in these arts of the manger and the diorama, the staging becomes very important. En we have it very present, and for that reason we put at your disposal not only a catalog of devices and accessories of the highest quality in the market, but the technical help you need and, above all, a thorough dedication to bring the latest technologies to your home.


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