Despite this year 2020 undoubtedly marked by the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences, there is always a time for hope. And what better time than Christmas? Time for joy, family and New Years resolutions. Even when restrictions prevent us from enjoying parties with full freedom of movement, we have some nativity scenes plans for this Christmas 2020. Do you want to discover them?


Seville and Madrid, outstanding nativity scenes plans to close 2020

In our last post of 2019 we made a compilation of the best nativity scenes to close last Christmas. Many of those plans are still in force and you can repeat them this year, especially in case you cannot leave your city and are lucky enough to live in a nativity scene tradition site.

The magic of Christmas

In any case, we want to highlight a couple of cities that have tried, along with many others, that COVID is noticed as little as possible in the illusion of these dates.

  • Seville in times of COVID. The Palacio de San Telmo, a beautiful building that is the headquarters of the Junta de Andalucía, displays for the first time a Nativity scene assembled by the Jerez Nativity Scene Association, which were already in charge of the Birth of the Ministry of Culture last year. In sevillaFurthermore, you can also visit the Bethlehem in SI Mayor of CaixaBank (Sierpes, 85), the popular one of the Cajasol Foundation or that of the Arquillo of the Town Hall, a perfect option in these times when being outdoors.
  • Madrid, capital of Christmas. There is no doubt that the capital of Spain is the favorite destination for the holidays. José Luis Mayo and the Madrid Nativity Scene Association They have been in charge of the Bethlehem of the Cibeles Palace in a year in which the 21 districts of the city have mounted their own Nativity. With the relevant security measures, if you are from Madrid, you won't have to go far to enjoy the nativity scene spirit. You also have the exhibition “Nativity scene, tangible and intangible heritage ", which celebrates 75 years of the Madrid Nativity Scene Association


Virtual options for nativity scenes visits at Christmas 2020

If you cannot leave your own city or have decided to spend this Christmas away from any urban agglomeration, internet gives you the opportunity to enjoy this passion, which is art and illusion, without leaving home. We highlight these initiatives:

  • Nativity Scene Guide: For the second consecutive year, this project by FMAS Automatización y stands as a virtual alternative to discover nativity scenes from any corner without leaving home. While the original idea is to create the largest guide to nativity scenes in Spain with information to organize a face-to-face visit to them, thanks to the photographs of the users we can enjoy a small preview. A good option if we cannot travel like other years ...
  • Show your Nativity scene on video: The initiative of the Ángel Martínez Portuense Nativity Scene Association brings us this contest with the idea of ​​spreading nativity scenes in these times of little mobility. If the people cannot get to the Bethlehem… take the Bethlehem to the people! In this link you have more information about this project.
  • Virtual contests: various groups and institutions, such as the Athenaeum of Almagro, the Congregació de Els Lluïsos de Villarreal or the They have already announced that this year the Birth contest will be virtual. On their respective websites or social networks, you will be able to see the most beautiful montages of these cities, to which many others are added that this year will put special interest in show your nativity scenes to the rest of the world.
Nativity Scene Guide, the largest guide to nativity scenes in the World


It is clear that COVID-19 has changed the way we all relate to our environment. But the Magic of Christmas and the illusion of nativity scenes They will survive this stone on the way and there is no doubt that this year we will also enjoy, at least telematically, the nativity scenes that are mounted with such passion in different parts of our country.

Tell us: what other virtual alternatives you know for this Christmas 2020?


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