We saw in our last post a list with 10 of the most beautiful nativity scenes in Spain. The article has been widely accepted and there have been many messages received warning of some other "carelessness" or "omission" regarding some spectacular nativity scenes that, without a doubt, should be on the list.

Nothing is further from reality. It is not our intention to omit any work, although evidently we can not know all of them. As an apology, and with the gratitude to all your contributions in this blog, we leave you a list with the "others" 10 most beautiful nativity scenes in Spain. Will you be able to visit them all?


The most beautiful cribs in Spain

# 1.- Bethlehem of the Community of Madrid: its organizers point out that this set of little more than 150 meters has some 500 figures of different sizes, creating a sense of perspective that increases the magnificence of the nativity scene. The scene of the Annunciation, the Palace of the Magi, the flight to Egypt, a large market, public laundries and, in the center, the Birth. A nativity scene to visit if you go through Madrid at Christmas.

# 2.- Belén Napolitano de Cuenca: more than 50.000 people have visited this year the Bethlehem Napolitano of the Diputación de Cuenca, about 140 square meters. This past Christmas included the representation of a Neapolitan vintage in a prominent part of the assembly.

# 3.- Belén of the GAL of the Complutense Association of Belenistas: This Alkaline Association, very numerous and active throughout the year, performs one of the most visited nativity scenes in Spain in the old GAL factory in Alcalá de Henares. Its last assembly, on 250 meters, included a great river with waterfall and bridge and the traditional figures of Guilloto or JJ Pérez. The dioramas of Emilio Morenatti and Carlos Marcos also stand out in this kind of "Museum of Belenismo".

# 4.- Belén Bancaja: at the beginning of the 90 year, the idea of ​​creating a monumental nativity scene that took 6 from its start-up until the first exhibition in Valencia at 1996 took place in Bancaja. 1.200 figures for one of the greatest nativity scenes in the world. Its biggest peculiarity is that in its itinerancy different cities have been exhibited in 15. Who knows when he will visit yours?


# 5.- Bethlehem of the Hospital of San Rafael: A solidarity nativity scene which is installed in the capital of Spain from 1940. A secret? He was the first to mount a progressive lighting cycle to represent day and night.

post 10 belen hospital san rafael

Bethlehem of the Hospital of San Rafael. Photography: Digital Christmas (https://blog.navidaddigital.com)

# 6.- Belén Monumental de Jerez de la Frontera: in the Nativity Scene Museum of this Cadiz town, in the old Williams & Humbert Wineries, there is a spectacular 240 square meter nativity scene. With 35-centimeter figures and a great set of lights, 6 represents different scenes in minutes 18 sessions.

# 7.- Belén Salzillo: we can not forget this nativity scene made by one of the great Spanish sculptors of the XVIII. You can visit it at the Salzillo Museum in the capital of Murcia, where you will find more than 800 figures between characters and animals, together with a great quality in the detail of the clothes or expressions.

post 10 salzillo museum

Detail of the Bethlehem Salzillo. Photography: Salzillo Museum

# 8.- Bethlehem Monumental Adoration: this Agrupación Belenista de Valladolid performs a spectacular nativity scene every year where they give great importance to the research and technical improvements.

# 9.- Betlem of Tirisiti: for the originality of this representation, it deserves to be included in this list, although in reality it is more a theatrical representation than a nativity scene itself. In Alcoy (Alicante) this Betlem It is made since the 19th century. It is one of the oldest puppet works in Spain.

# 10.- Belén Playmobil de Tomares: this Sevillian town presumes to have the nativity scene of Playmobil largest in Spain, with some 6.000 pieces among which are the first clicks of 1974. It occupies about 140 square meters and represents different stages of history.


Tell us: Which of them have you seen already?


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