Our country has a wide and rich tradition of the Nativity scene for centuries. We already saw in an earlier post how the Bethlehem arrives in Spain through the Franciscan monks in the fifteenth century, and how during the XVIII century the tradition extends to all homes. The assembly of these representations is a ritual in many houses and institutions, which strive to represent the birth of Christ with greater or lesser spectacularity, but all with great enthusiasm. Let's see what, in our opinion, are the most beautiful 10 nativity scenes in Spain.


# 1.- Biblical Bethlehem of the Knights: presumes to be the largest monumental nativity scene in Europe. Some 7.000 pieces distributed in about 500 square meters representing Nazareth, Bethlehem and Egypt. It is an essential part of the Ruta de los Belenes of the town of Extremadura.

Belén Jerez Caballeros

Detail of the Bethlehem of Jerez. Photograph by Emilio Ceballos-Zúñiga. Source: Ayto. Jerez de los Caballeros

# 2.- Belén de Cangas: the birth of Francisco Martínez is famous throughout Galicia and no Spanish nationalist should not know him. With more than 50 years old, this assembly in the Pontevedra town of Cangas do Morrazo stands out for the ingenuity of its author, who renews the scenery every year, largely handmade. It has its own entrance in our blog.

# 3.- Living nativity scene of Buitrago: the Madrilenian town of Buitrago del Lozoya represents from 1988 this popular staging where 180 actors and real animals they give life to the nativity scene characters in an environment of 1.300 square meters. The best-preserved walls of Madrid are one of the incentives to enjoy this curious immobile theater with the family.

# 4.- Belén de Rute: 4 months take the famous bakers of this beautiful town of Cordoba to lift this chocolate nativity, ton and half weight and more than 150 figures. Usually some popular figures of today, who do

# 5.- Monumental Nativity Scene of Parets del Vallès: the largest nativity scene in Catalonia has 230 meters with one scenography that stands out for its great realism. This year, for its 30 edition, promises surprises for everyone who visits this town in Barcelona.

Manger of Parets del Vallès. Photo: Parets group Pesebrista.

Manger of Parets del Vallès. Photo: Agrupación Pesebrista de Parets

# 6.- Belén de Arena: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has a great tradition of nativity scene, and its Playa de las Canteras hosts every Christmas different nativity scenes carved on the beach. 250 tons of sand with a complete environmental management to become an ecological, immense assembly and, of course, one of the most beautiful cribs in Spain.

# 7.- Monumental Bethlehem in the Cathedral of Guadalajara: lovers of historical realism have a great opportunity to enjoy the representation of this artistic nativity scene in which the beauty of the figures and the realism of the scene are interspersed with a spectacular play of light and sound.

# 8.- Bethlehem of the Almudena Cathedral: one of the nativity scenes most visited of Spain has the unmistakable seal of FMAS Automation in its lighting system. The latest technologies are incorporated into one of the most beautiful nativity scenes in Spain, which paradoxically stands out for its figures over a century old and for the use of traditional materials: cork, moss, sand, etc.

# 9.- Belen de Pico de Covacha: every year there are many athletes who they go out to the field to install the so-called "mountain nativity scenes". For almost 40 years one of them has been mounted on the peak of Covacha de Losar, at 2.400 meters of altitude. You will enjoy its scenography if you are able to support your journey of more than 10 hours of walking.

# 10.- Belén Mudéjar de Sevilla: a large-scale nativity scene that represents buildings of the city of Seville in this style typical of the Peninsula. Highly recommended during your Christmas visit to Seville.

Bethlehem Mudéjar

Bethlehem Mudéjar building in Seville. Photography: El Mundo newspaper


Have you seen any of these nativity scenes? Would you add one more to the list?



  1. The Montilla Saint 28/05/2016 at 13:53 - Reply

    Some impressive cribs. Good job!

  2. Luis Manuel Galones 20/05/2016 at 14:02 - Reply

    I believe that this Nativity Scene should be on that list, due to its size of more than 40m 2, quality of details and because a large part of the 700 figures in the set were made by the Nativity Scene.
    Take a look and if you want photos I send them
    a greeting

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