It is well known that the Canaries live Christmas and belenismo with an infinite passion and the town of Moya is not alien to this tradition. The popular Belen Route of Gran Canaria has an unmissable event every year, for more than 20, in Camino de San Fernando, 23. And is that from the home workshop of his own home, Aridane Betancor, 35 years, has more than half a life riding one of the most famous cribs on the island. Do you want to discover a little more about the Bethlehem of Aridane?


The Bethlehem of Aridane, Christmas spirit from Moya

With 14 years, the little Aridane began to assemble in his house a small manger with few clay figures. What started as a simple family entertainment became little by little a passion that every year has things to contribute to the assembly of this popular nativity scene of Hebrew tradition. "I respect other styles of nativity scenes such as the Neapolitan, the Canary, etc., but they do not attract my attention. Some canary nativity scenes often seem more like a pilgrimage than a birth. I opt for the faithful representation of what happened in Bethlehem, "the artist points out.

From those beginnings and until today, Aridane has always been in charge of building, mainly with cork, buildings, mountains and Props of their nativity scenes. Aridane understands Christmas as a "time of reunion with all those who entered my home for the first time in December." The crib was not, at first, more than an excuse to stir up in your family that Christmas spirit that today permeates your home.

Assembly detail

Detail of the assembly of the Bethlehem of Aridane

Currently, the Belén de Aridane It is located in a garage of 200 square meters and occupies a surface of half. Normally, the rest of the space is used as a workshop; except in the Christmas period, which is occupied by thousands of people - some 10.000, according to Aridane data - who come to enjoy a montage with more than 1.000 figures painted by hand by the artist himself. It is considered the largest nativity scene in Gran Canaria.


Aridane Betancor, the artist behind the nativity scene

Aridane Betancor Castilian takes the belenismo in the deepest part of his being. With more than 20 mounts behind his back, his technique has been refined to achieve the style of the nativity scene that today permeates its cribs. Is considered disciple of Master Belenista Pedro Armas, of recognized international prestige, from whom he has learned some of the most sophisticated details of his peculiar style.

But, until you reach this level, Aridane has worked many nativity scenes... "The first one I did I rode it in my house, I bought the figurines with my savings, I removed everything that was in the living room and I occupied all the space, about fifteen square meters".

In addition to making the base of the portal and decorating all its elements, Aridane is in charge of fitting perfectly the figures and constructions - houses, temples, fountains, ferris wheels - and decorating the entire space with natural vegetation. And, of course, of install the latest lighting technology for nativity scenes, because this Nativity Scene always seeks to surprise its visitors. And not only to those of his particular nativity scene, since in 2012 he was in charge of assembling the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, an honor for such a young Nativity scene.

Belen of the Cabildo

Belén del Cabildo of Gran Canaria made byAridane in 2012


LED technology for the nativity scene in Aridane

Part of the more than 2.000 hours of work that has the Belén de Aridane are dedicated to a careful electronic assembly where lighting is the most important piece of the puzzle. Highlighted by the cycle change between day and night, this nativity scene has had for years FMAS programmable incandescent lamp, controllable by computer.

Dusk in Belen de Aridane

Effects of dusk and starry sky in Belén de Aridane

At the time, these controllers had cutting-edge technology and allowed to control sounds, slide projectors, moving figures, lightning, snow machines, engines, smoke machines, etc. But Belenismo is also renewed, and Aridane could not stay behind in the lighting of her crib. Therefore, in 2016 included in the assembly LED lights, more secure and economical, with a powerful and powerful installation. Who knows? The same ends up being controlled by one of the new top end equipment of the firm FMAS Automation, the L800, whose next release to the market It is awakening the interest of the sector.


And you, Did you know the Bethlehem of Aridane?


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    Wonderful. I wonder if, while riding the crib has someone to prepare food, dinner, etc. etc. Because that is a nuisance and having to disconnect from the concentration, it bothers a lot. In short, AN ARTIST!

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