As we have seen throughout all the articles in which we talk about the history of Spanish Nativity, there are many fans, associations, groups of artisans or parishes who install their portal every year with the illusion of moving, surprising and pleasing who visit them Do you have a free weekend during the next weeks? Today we present you some highlighted belenista routes of our country. There are many more, we have no doubt, but we wanted to select those that, due to their peculiarities, are essential. Can you come with us?


7 routes of cribs in Spain

# 1.- Belenista route through Madrid: from Carlos III to popular custom: visiting the capital of Spain at this time is a joy, especially for lovers of nativity scenes. Among the most outstanding births, the one of the Real House of Post office (Bethlehem of Sun), of 150 square meters, that indeed is dedicated this year to the monarch representing the main monuments constructed during his reign. Other assemblies to visit are the Royal Palace, heir of the Bethlehem of the Prince; the classic of the Town Hall in Palacio de Cibeles, with works by the great José Luis Mayo; or the one Museum of History, of Neapolitan character and with 50 articulated figures. The best thing is that all these visits will not cost you anything, and you can enjoy the good atmosphere of the city without your pocket suffering.


# 2.- Palma crib route: spending a Christmas in Mallorca can offer you many leisure alternatives. IF you are the cribs, in this route you can visit births of traditional, modernist or monumental style. Here you have a list with all the visitable.

# 3.- Nativity Scene Contest of the Cajasur Foundation (Córdoba): without becoming a route in the strict sense, stroll through Córdoba and visit the cribs that participated in the popular annual contest of the Foundation, in collaboration with the Association of Belenistas, is a real privilege. 37 births of those who 12 have won awards. The most outstanding: the Hospital de San Juan de Dios, one of the oldest; that of Bárbara Ariza and Lola Cuadrado, on Fresno Street; the Neapolitan of Rafael Barón; and the diorama installed in Veo Óptica (Eduardo Lucena Street). You can visit them until the next January 6.

# 4.- Nativity scene route through the center of Seville: the city of Seville can not miss a list of nativity scenes. Starting from the Plaza de San Francisco, in which a Craft Fair is installed until the day of Kings, you can visit the Neapolitan nativity scene of the Cajasol Foundation, in the same square. On the Avenue of the Constitution are located the Chapel of the Shrine and Chapel of the Conception, this inside the Cathedral. In the popular street Sierpes we can see the Bethlehem of the Mercantile Circle; and in the School of Hispanic American Studies is the popular Canarian birth, which you can not miss.


Balén de Fundación Cajasol 2016. Image: Cajasol Foundation

# 5.- Route of Belenes de TenerifeIn the island there is a rich tradition of Nativity scenes that you can check if you are lucky enough to spend Christmas in this magnificent climate. The institutions (Cabildo, Canary Parliament and Organism of Festivities and Activities) install the most spectacular nativity scenes, and the one of the Parliament, in Teobaldo Power street, picks traditional Canarian architecture. If you leave Santa Cruz, the great Bethlehem of San Matías de La Laguna, outdoors; the retail nativity scene of the City Hall of El Rosario; or that of La Orotava, one of the largest in the Canary Islands, are some of the ones you can not miss.


Typical Canarian landscape for the Bethlehem of Parliament. Image:

# 6.- XIII Route of Belenes of Villarrubia de los Ojos: this small town of Ciudad Real has turned its already entrenched Belenista route in its main tourist attraction at Christmas. 15 births that can be visited until January's 17. If, in addition, you add concerts, film cycles, workshops and other activities, we are sure that the trip will be worthwhile. Do you propose a getaway in La Mancha?

# 7.- Belén a Belén (Palencia): the Castilian city has made a journey with 14 nativity scenes of different styles installed by public institutions and penitential guilds in the locality. Although you can change (or add) Palencia Zamora and continue enjoying this historic art


Cádiz, Murcia, Oviedo, Valencia ... There are many cities that offer you a touristic visit through births that the Nativity scenes mount every year, but we have stayed with these 7 routes of cribs. And you, have you visited any of them?


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