If in the previous post we discovered some Native American routes that you should not miss if you organize a getaway this Christmas, today we move to the south to show you some of the most important belenista routes in Andalusia and other regions further away from the peninsular center. The south of Spain has a special charm, and take advantage of the visit to know some places with a Native American tradition is always a good idea. Come with us and ... discover 8 essential belenista routes in southern Spain!


8 essential belenista routes from southern Spain

  • Nativity Scene Contest "City of Cáceres": we started our trip south in Extremadura. 25 editions already has this outstanding Nativity scene contest whose candidates tend to show their births to the public. These are particular nativity scenes, associations, religious institutions or commercial shop windows, the 4 categories in which it competes. The winners will be announced on the December 21. If you visit Cáceres from that date, take the opportunity to visit the most beautiful nativity scene in the city.
  • Route of Belenes de Jerez de los Caballeros: Among the 14 Births that make up the Nativity scene route of this town of Badajoz is the Santa Ángela de la Cruz Monumental Biblical Bethlehem, which with its 8.000 pieces and more than 600 square meters is one of the biggest nativity scenes in Spain. If you are lucky enough to know this Nativity scene route, you will also enjoy the popular living nativity of the hamlet of La Bazana, with more than 200 extras. Do you need more excuses to visit Extremadura this Christmas?

41-jerezcaballeros ayunt
Monumental Biblical Bethlehem Santa Ángela de la Cruz. Image: Jerez de los Caballeros Town Hall

  • Ruta de los Belenes de Cuenca: we continue our trip through the south of Spain. The Junta de Cofradías de Cuenca organizes each year this route that includes 7 nativity scenes mounted by passional brotherhoods of the city, in addition to the one made by the Museum of Holy Week itself. To conclude, the Convent Candy Christmas Market will once again show the sweetest side of Christmas.
  • Route of the Belenes of Villarrubia de los OjosIf the gastronomy of La Mancha, the largest statue of Don Quixote in the world or the birth of the Guadiana are not enough excuses to visit this town in the north of Ciudad Real, we are convinced that the 13ª edition of its Nativity scene route that starts the 8 December with the inauguration of the Monumental Bethlehem in the Plaza de la Constitución.

  • Route of Belenes Association of Belenistas de Sevilla: consolidated in the Sevillian Christmas, this route has 10 collective assemblies in the city and 5 in the province, all of free visit; in addition to thirty particular nativity scenes of the partners themselves. Seville has a very special program for Christmas. Do you want to meet him?
  • Cajasur Nativity Scene Contest: the Banking Foundation and the Association of Belenistas de Córdoba call for one more year, and van 37, the traditional Christmas contest that derives in one of the most popular belenista routes in southern Spain. The nativity scenes will be visited from December 15 to January 6. If you still do not know the Mosque ... this is your chance!


Detail of the Bethlehem Hospital of San Juan de Dios, winner in its category in the last 3 editions of the Cajasur Competition

  • Route of Belenes de Antequera: the municipality of Malaga also organizes a nativity contest that this year fulfills its 27ª call. From Christmas Day to Christmas Day, those who visit this beautiful Andalusian city will be able to enjoy all the participating Births. And, as a reward, only 18 kilometers is found, in Mollina, the The world's largest Nativity Scene Museum. Is it a good plan for Christmas?
  • Route of Belenes by Gran Canaria: to speak of belenismo in Canarian territory are major words. Some 80 Births are mounted on the island this Christmas, many of them in the capital. Pepe Sánchez, in Telde; José Luis Taroconte, in Gáldar; Aridane Betancor, in Moya; or Vicente Díaz, in Las Palmas, are some of the most outstanding Canarian nativity figures in recent years. If you have the opportunity to visit Gran Canaria this Christmas, we recommend the Belén de Arena de Las Palmas, the Belén de Aridane in Moya or the Bethlehem of Pepe Sánchez, in Telde.

After our passage through the north, here we have shown you some of the Belenista routes of southern Spain most recommended for your Christmas getaway. Are you already clear about which cities you will visit during this vacation?


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