December is already here and, with this month, begins the period for excellence in the belenismo of all Spain. Thousands of fans take advantage of the festivities to make a trip to different parts of the Spanish geography and enjoy the Christmas markets, the special lighting of the urban centers and, of course, the most beautiful cribs in Spain. We propose you some destinations that, due to their peculiarities, their antiquity or their special relationship with this art, offer the most outstanding belenista routes of our country. Let's start in the north. Are we going Belenista routes through Spain?


6 essential belenista routes from the north of Spain

  • Compostela nativity scenes: Although it does not have an "official" route set up, Santiago de Compostela offers a festive atmosphere at Christmas, and part of the blame comes from a dozen ordeals of great beauty: from the monumental assembly of the Cathedral or the Bethlehem of the Obradoiro to the traditional Belén Familiar de Conxo, assembled for 70 years ago. Not everything is Camino en Compostela!

  • Route of the Belen de Villaviciosa: only 2 editions precede the route that this year we have prepared in this northern town. Asturias alone is well worth a visit, but ... what if we enlivened it with a route of 5 cribs that last year received more than 10.000 fans? The Belen Infantil de Playmobil will delight the little ones. By the way, among those who visit all the cribs, a check of 200 euros is drawn. The December 5 begins. Good plan, right?


Carte "III Route of the Nativity scenes", in Villaviciosa

  • Route of Belenes Monumentales de Cuéllar: the Segovian locality has specialized in this type of assemblies that the Cultural Association Belenistas de Cuéllar takes great care. 3 are the births exposed in this mini route, But figures of José Luis Mayo, Daniel Alcántara and the Cerrada brothers They are a good excuse to get to know this medieval village declared a historical site. In addition, you can enjoy an exhibition of dioramas on the story of the Child Jesus and a Nativity scene in Olot.

Cuellar poster

Poster "Route of Monumental Nativity scenes of Cuéllar"

  • Nativity Scene Contest and Tourist Route of Tarazona and Moncayo: to its 9 years of age, this endearing route of the region of Zaragoza has been consolidated as a classic in the Christmas tourism of Aragon. 25 cribs competed last year in the categories Traditional, Creative and Composition and Aesthetics. Are you going to miss it this year?
  • Route of the Bethlehem of Aragon: without leaving this historic region, the Bethlehem of Monzón, with 500 square meters, is the starting point of a Belenista route through the north of Spain, its origin is in 2004, when the Diputación de Huesca promoted a family tourism around this tradition. This year, 16 populations, 15 oscenses and one of Zaragoza, join the route where more than 150.000 visitors are expected. Will you be one of them?

Belen monzon

Bethlehem of Monzón. Image: Asoc. Belenista Isaac Lumbierres

  • Pesebrista route of Ciutat Vella: the crib in Catalonia has a strong roots in the city of Barcelona and, within it, the neighborhood of Ciutat Vella is the hallmark of this hobby. The Association of Folk Dancers of Ciutat Vella and the Association of Barcelona Folk Artists are in charge of entertaining the environment. If you want to surprise yourself with an original and fun nativity scene, Casa de los Entremeses has a special crib where giants, beasts and other popular cultural manifestations of this center give life to the nativity scene. A perfect time to get to know Barcelona!


Are you going to go on a trip during the next Christmas? If you have the opportunity to visit any of the Native American routes that we have brought to you, give us your opinion. And, if you discover another route that deserves to be in this list, do not hesitate and tell us your experience. Which crib you liked more?


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