Since the second half of the nineteenth century was created the Barcelona's Association of Weightlifters, the oldest in the world in active, there have been many groups in this field created in different cities of the Spanish geography. One of them is the Belenista Association of San Fernando "El Redentor", known as Belenistas de la Isla, in the city of Cadiz in San Fernando.


The birth of the Belenista Association of San Fernando

In September of 1993, the dome of the Association of Belenistas of Jerez de la Frontera goes to the neighboring town of San Fernando with its President, Vicente Prieto Bononato, at the head. The mission was none other than to sponsor the foundation and public presentation of the Association of "El Redentor" Belenistas, whose first meetings were held at the Pub "El Aguaero".


1993 meeting about the founding of the Association. Image: Web of the Island's Nativity Scene

Santiago Vallejo Martinez would be the first President of the Belenista Association of San Fernando. In 1999, the association already had its own headquarters, in Maestro Portela street. Five years later it was admitted as a member of the Spanish Federation of Belenistas, during the National Congress of Villarrobledo 2004, year in which the current emblem of the association was designed by the Venezuelan artist José Rangel.

Its greatest milestone, so far, was the celebration of the XLVIII National Nativity Congress at 2010, attracting thousands of people from San Fernando amateurs and professionals in Spain. The date coincided with the Second Centenary of the Cortes Generales on the Island of León.


The news of the Association of San Fernando Belenistas

One of the main activities of the association has a lot to do with the Native American formation, since there are numerous courses and workshops that have been developed in its facilities to initiation to the belenismo and improvement of techniques. Expanding this training work, they have also moved to different schools and venues of neighborhood associations to raise awareness of this art among the citizens of the town of Cadiz.

Juan Miguel Barba Delgado Course

Detail of the monographic course by Juan Miguel Barba Delgado on “LED technology applied to nativity scenes”, given in June 2017. Image: José A. Rodríguez. Source: Facebook Belenistas de la Isla

Annually they celebrate a flea market in the Plaza del Rey island, organize a photo contest to choose the city's Christmas poster and a Births Contest that make up the Belenista Route of San Fernando. In addition, its associates are regulars in various Nativity scenes and days of conviviality.


Nativity Sceners of the Island: technology and tradition for the nativity scene

The Belenista Association of San Fernando "El Redentor" carries on its back endless assemblies, exhibitions and special births that have led it to be considered one of the most active belenista associations in the country. Currently, its President is the well-known manlenist Manolo Mendoza Sánchez, National Prize of Belenismo by the FEB.

One of these births, the Great Bethlehem of the Bicentennial, copied some pages of national media with a spectacular assembly surrounded by the latest technological innovations for nativity scenes. And it is that the lighting and sound of the crib, under the artistic direction of Francisco Rodríguez Castillo, was automated with two controllers FMAS Automation from the old WS 416DEPA series for incandescent lamps, with a total of 40 outputs. These are fully computer programmable equipment, which constituted one of the advances in technology for the most important nativity scene in the sector.

Despite the careful taste for the tradition of the Nativity scene that characterizes the association, the truth is that his latest performances have always incorporated modern elements that improve the assemblies: from the mentioned automatic controllers to different types of lights or projection of images. Will they be the next to try the new LED equipment of lighting, sound and videoproyección L800 of FMAS Automation?


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