The fact that the Cadiz town of El Puerto de Santa Maria is one of the main belenista centers of Andalusia is shown by the recent nomination of the city as one of the venues of the 2023 Native International Congress or the organization of the National Congress of 2003, but also, and above all, the tireless work of the Association of Portuense Belenistas, who will soon reach his thirties with all the energy of the first days. Do you accompany us to discover this group from the province of Cádiz?


Association of Portuense Belenistas "Ángel Martínez": past, present and future

In 1989, on the occasion of the First Christmas Show of El Puerto de Santa María, an exhibition of dioramas was held in the city, in which many local authors participated, who, after an enthusiastic proposal, agreed to associate as a Belenista collective. Almost 30 years ago already those primitive meetings that gave way to one of the most prolific belenista associations in southern Spain. It owes its name to distinguished craftsman portuense Ángel Martínez García, creator of a peculiar style of figures at the beginning of the 20th century.

As an example of its unwavering synergies with other collectives, the "Ángel Martínez" Association belongs to both the Federación Gaditana de Belenistas as well as to the Andalusian Federation of Belenistas, as well as to the Spanish Federation of Nativity Sisters, which also allows it to be part of the Universalis Foederatio Praesepistica. To commemorate the 25 anniversary of the collective, the headquarters of Campbell Wineries hosted a spectacular Monumental Bethlehem.


Monumental Bethlehem 25 Anniversary, installed in Campbell Wineries. Image: Diario de Cádiz

Currently, its President is Vicente Rodríguez Giménez, partner of the prestigious belenista company "Sucesores de Ángel Martínez, SL" and Vice President of the Andalusian Federation of Belenistas.


A very active nativity scene association

Taking into account that the association emerged from an exhibition of dioramas, it is not surprising to note that this group, from its origins, has stood out for its fertility. work of spreading the belenismo in El Puerto and its region. An intense work that benefits the commerce and the tourism of the city, when attracting numerous visitors of other localities to enjoy the activities proposed by the Association of Portuense Belenistas.

course belenismo

Belenism course held in June of 2017

In addition to numerous courses, seminars and practical and theoretical conferences, the collective organizes each year El Belenista Market of El Puerto, has published several specialized publications, has mounted numerous exhibitions and performs every year various competitions in the city: School Cribs, Local Nativity Scenes, Photography for the Christmas poster and Christmas Tales.

"It is clear that digital technology is not only the present, but also the future of nativity scenes"

2003 was a year marked in red for the members of the Portuense Belenista Association, as they were in charge of organizing the XLI National Nativity Congress. But, above all, the most important milestone of the collective has a future date; and that, together with Seville, Córdoba, Mollina, Jerez and San Fernando, will host the International Belenista Congress of the Universalis Foederatio Praesepistica.

In addition, among the most outstanding acts of the upcoming dates we find the exhibition "Be armed the Bethlehem", from December 12 to January 4 at the Cultural Center Alfonso X el Sabio; and the Technical Conference of February of 2018, with the presentations of Lola Simón, Rubén Galindo, Manolo Salado and the President himself, Vicente Rodríguez.

exposition salve regina

Detail of the exhibition "Salve Regina" of the Association


The technology in the births of the Association of Portuense Belenistas

Despite being a hobby of deep-rooted custom in our country, the Nativity scene shows every year why tradition and future can go hand in hand. According to the president of the association, "technology has always been used in the cribs, although in a more rudimentary way". Indeed, the figures in movement, the lighting of the scenes or the ambient sound have been adorning our nativity scenes for many years, although the current technology has evolved a lot these techniques, as companies like FMAS Automation.

belen portuuense

Birth of the Association

Rodríguez continues, affirming that "at present, technology is much more powerful: it has evolved towards Nativity scene digital control, LED lighting, etc. It is clear that digital technology is not only the present, but also the future of Nativity. " A future that, without a doubt, is getting closer with programming teams like the new L800 from FMAS. "In the association we have to continue learning day by day, we always find new things".

Vicente Rodríguez, a former hotel receptionist, knows much about technological cribs. Not in vain, is the main responsible for the Bethlehem of Andalusia that will be exhibited from next Christmas in the Permanent Exhibition Hall of the Mollina Nativity Scene Museum. Are you not looking forward to visiting it?

NdA Due to an error in the link, for a few days a video corresponding to the Bethlehem of the Bicentennial, of the San Fernando Belenista Association, appeared in this post. We apologize for the confusion.


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