Spain is a country with an extensive Nativity tradition that dates back to the 15th century. As a result, there are many groups that, motivated by a common interest that focuses on the manger and everything that surrounds it, decide to join forces and create associations to shape numerous activities. From the traditional Christmas nativity scene montage to poster exhibitions or painting workshops, associationism has endowed Spanish nativity scene with content throughout the year. Today we discover you at Hoyo de Manzanares Belenista Association, one of the most active in Madrid.


Scene montage for the Popular Bethlehem.


The origin of the Belenista Association of Hoyo de Manzanares

Located in one of the Autonomous Communities with the longest tradition of the Peninsula, the Association of Hoyo de Manzanares was born out of the concern of a dozen local residents. keep alive the tradition of riding the nativity scene as a family, shape your scenarios with care, improve it every year and invite your neighbor to enjoy the result. And, above all, the Hoyo de Manzanares Belenista Association is the fruit of the interest to recover the nativity that was traditionally installed in the chapel of Our Lady of the Oak.

The Association is currently celebrating its 15º anniversary, with Santiago Romero from Avila García-Cervigon at the front, seeing its number of members grow every year, improving and expanding with it the Belén de Hoyo, which has already been recognized at both the local and national levels. The book "Happened in Bethlehem", edited by the Association, collects photographs of the birth awarded with the Cruz de Ávalos Trophy, and represents a audiovisual nativity scene that year after year wins in spectacularity and detail.


The recent activity of the Association

Of course, the main activity of the Association is the annual display of the Christmas nativity scene, which every year brings together many fans around its assembly and It attracts thousands of devotees and nativity scene lovers from all over Spain. Currently, the Association belongs to the Spanish Federation of Belenistas

But the activity of the Hoyo Association is not limited to Christmas. Throughout the year, artisans and fans who are part of it organize training workshops, nativity scene contests, exhibitions of various kinds and Nativity scenes, promoting the exchange of views with other associations from different parts of the country. The celebration of the 15º anniversary, precisely, told the past 1 of October with a workshop given by Lola Simón, prestigious figure sculptor and scenery for the nativity scene.


Workshop of Lola Simón. Photo:

The highlight of 2016, how could it be otherwise, will be the Popular Bethlehem of the Association, which has not yet specified dates, but which is expected to open to the public around the December 5, and which will delight the most demanding fans. Of course, the commemorative activities will continue happening throughout the next year.


Tradition and technology, hand in the crust of Hoyo de Manzanares

Belenismo is tradition, history and art; but also evolution, avant-garde and technological innovation. Well know the partners of this group, who apply to their assemblies the latest technologies, enriching their scenarios down to the smallest detail. Hence, we can see from a complex system of change of cycle day-late-night until a lathe in movement, happening through flows of water in movement or a beautiful composition of sound.

night scene-belen

Night scene of the Belén de Hoyo. Effects achieved with FMAS equipment.

Behind these avant-garde techniques lies the electronic coat of FMAS Automation, the reference brand of electronics and automatisms for the nativity scene, and that the Hoyo Association has been able to take advantage of for its creations with the inclusion of LED lights, projectors, smoke machines or water pumps. All under the control of lighting and sound offered by the FMAS WS416DEP team, one of the most powerful of the brand.


If you visit Madrid this Christmas, do not hesitate to visit the Popular Bethlehem of the Association Holen de Manzanares. And, do not hesitate, take a photograph and send it to us through our networks. Tell us, What do you think of the Belén de Hoyo?



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