p steps to assemble the nativity scene at home

The nativity scene is a staple in homes that enjoy the Christmas spirit. It is a deeply rooted custom among nativity, which is mounted on December 8, coinciding with the day of the Immaculate Conception. From controllers.net we bring you 9 steps to easily assemble the nativity scene at home.

1. Don't improvise

The secret to success is in good planning. Think carefully about what you will need and where each element or figure will go.

2. Good location

The first step in building a nativity scene is deciding where to place it. Let's not forget that the objective of the nativity scene is to celebrate Christmas, so it must be in the room where you celebrate it. For this reason, the three best options are usually the living room, the dining room or the hall.

3. Review material from previous years

A very important step before starting is to dust the boxes from previous years that we have stored, and check everything we can take advantage of and the things we need to buy. It is also usually a tradition to incorporate something new every year, some figure, new lights ... Decide on the new additions and buy the new elements.

9 steps to set up the nativity scene at home

4. The decoration

It will depend on the type of nativity scene, if it is one of a certain size you will need elements such as artificial moss, elements of nature or vegetables, wood ... On the other hand, if it is small, some Christmas balls and some garland of lights or strip of LEDs to create atmosphere or play with the effect day night will be enough. The decoration also varies with the style of the figures, Hebrew, Neapolitan, traditional.

5. The base of the nativity scene

The surface chosen to place it is also very important. It should be a firm base, in a place that does not disturb. In addition, you must think that the chosen table or support will not be able to be used for a long time (until February 2, Candlemas day, in the case of the most purists). The options can be from a side table for a small one to the sideboard in the living room or a board on some borriquetes for the more elaborate ones.

6. Of what material

Although in the past the figures used to be made of wood or clay, today the possibilities are endless. From the cheapest plastic to ceramic through resin, cork, felt or even metal or recycled materials, there are them for all tastes and pockets.

9 steps to set up the nativity scene at home

7. The scenery

The scenery is the first step of the nativity scene itself. Protect the surface where you are going to place it to avoid scratches. Once this is done, carefully plan where each scene of the nativity scene will go, especially if it is large. We advise you to create a sketch on paper. And take into account the size of the figures and the scales to give realism.

8. The lights

This is when you have to install everything you will need later to get all those much-needed highlights in a nativity scene. The stars, the flames de the bonfires, for example, that of the Annunciation, the lights of the houses etc.

9. The nativity scene

Once all these previous steps have been carried out, it is time to start placing the atmosphere, the moss, the trees, the mountains, the river, etc. and finally the figures. This is usually the most fun part and in which the little ones of the house participate the most, becoming in many cases a true family celebration.

From controladores.net We hope that these indications have served you so that your nativity scene is truly spectacular.

9 steps to set up the nativity scene at home


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